Rafter party in Terminal D

In June 2018, Nordecon AS started the reconstruction and extension works of the building of Terminal D of the Port of Tallinn. The construction activities of Terminal D have currently advanced to a stage where the building has achieved its planned height. On Friday, 4 January, the traditional rafter party was held at the construction site and the wreath was taken down, so that the construction works could move on.

Chief Infrastructure Development Officer of the Port of Tallinn Peeter Nõgu says that the extension of Terminal D is a voluminous construction project which will last for several years, resulting in a building that is twice as large as it used to be, i.e., from the current 7,000 m2 to approximately 14,000 m2. “For today, we have completed the load-bearing structures of the extensible part of the terminal and the building has reached its height. From here we continue with the assembly of exterior walls. Also, in the near future, we plan to start the roofing works together with the installation of roof windows,” explained Nõgu.


“Terminal D of the Old City Harbour is an essential gate to the sea and an important business card for Estonia. Even more so, the rafter party – as an iconic intermediate stage for each construction company – is important for the team of Nordecon because this construction contract is notable for its certain historical continuity, since the cornerstone of the existing building of Terminal D was placed in 1995 by SRV Eesti Ehitus, the predecessor of Nordecon. We still employ people who helped to build this modern building complex in the very first years of the newly independent Estonia and are now recalling those times with joyous nostalgia,” said Reedik Raudla, Civil Engineering Director of Nordecon AS. “Doubling the size of the terminal building is an interesting and honourable challenge for a construction company because throughout all the reconstruction and extension works we must ensure the usual movement of both the passengers as well as the cargo and guarantee that when passing through the construction site, the passengers can board and disembark timely and safely.”


According to the plan, one part of the building of Terminal D will be ready by August this year and after getting the certificate of occupancy, it is possible to open the renovated part of the terminal for passengers. The whole building is planned to be finished by the summer of 2020.


The renewed building of Terminal D will boast comfortable and spacious waiting areas for passengers with the considerable amount of new seating opportunities. The new terminal also has more space for cafes and commerce. The new opportunities include the children’s area and a separate lounge for more demanding customers. Terminal D is used by the passengers of shipping company Tallink.


Additional information:

  • Number of floors: 4 (three main floors + technical floor)
  • Closed gross area: 16,107 m2
  • Area of closed rooms: 13,890.9 m2
  • Cost of construction works: approximately 18.5 million euros + VAT
  • The reconstruction of the building of Terminal D is co-financed by the European Union in the framework of project TWIN-PORT 2 No 2014-EU-TM-0087-M of the Connecting Europe Facility.
  • The exterior and interior design solutions of Terminal D have been developed by the team of OÜ R-Konsult, led by architect Irina Raud. The structure of the building and the specific parts were designed by SWECO Projekt AS and the electric, weak current and automation design were developed by Rausi OÜ. Building information modelling (BIM) method is used for designing the terminal and the technical systems. The building of Terminal D is built by Nordecon AS.


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