Saaremaa Harbour turned ten!

Ten years ago today on June 16th 2006 Saaremaa Harbour was festively opened by the Küdema Bay on Estonia’s biggest island Saaremaa. 

Saaremaa Harbour was planned and built for servicing cruise ships, which makes it unique in the entire region. The harbour located in Ninase village by the Küdema Bay is the youngest member in the Port of Tallinn harbour family. 

More than 35,600 cruise tourists have visited Estonia’s biggest island Saaremaa through the Saaremaa Harbour during these ten years. Since 2006, 30 different cruise ships, owned by 19 cruise companies, have called Saaremaa Harbour 66 times. Most popular seasons of the past decade have been 2013 and 2014, when altogether 14,000 cruise tourists visited Saaremaa.

Saaremaa differs from other cruise destinations by its pristine nature and rich and unique cultural heritage offering a cruise tourist, who is sailing on the Baltic Sea, an opportunity to see Estonia from a completely different angle.

The deep water port established in spring 2006 has 2 quays for servicing ships up to 200 meters in length and also a quay for auxiliary vessels and a floating berth for small crafts.  

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