Sea Wind started operating the Muuga-Vuosaari ro-ro line

In October, the ferry operator Tallink, in partnership with Port of Tallinn and Transiidikeskuse Ltd., re-routed its cargo ship Sea Wind to start operating from Muuga Harbour instead of Tallinn Old City Harbour. This means that more than 40,000 trucks per year will be removed from Tallinn city centre and congestion and pollution in the city will be significantly reduced.

„Tallink’s cargo volume is constantly increasing and for additional growth we see the need to offer new possibilities,“ said Janek Stalmeister, the CEO of Tallink Group.

„The new Muuga-Vuosaari line enables our clients to skip traffic jams and save time. The new ro-ro line moves kilometres of trucks away from Tallinn city centre, Tallinn will become greener and city traffic situation will improve,“ added Stalmeister.

„Establishing the new shipping line has a remarkable significance for Port of Tallinn as this will decrease the problemsome traffic load in Old City Harbour and in Tallinn city centre and will bring more life to Muuga Harbour,“ commented Valdo Kalm, the CEO of Port of Tallinn.

„Thanks to the proper infrastructure already developed to Muuga Harbour we only had to add some organizational and technical changes before establishing the new shipping line. When looking into the future, the Muuga-Vuosaari line creates new possibilities for increasing cargo volume between the North and South and this also prepares the extension of Rail Baltic to Scandinavia,“ added Kalm.

„The mutual agreement of the parties to establish the new ro-ro line between the harbours of Muuga and Vuosaari is a good example of a beneficial cooperation between the state and private sector,“ said Vladimir Popov, the CEO of Transiidikeskuse Ltd.

The 152-meter-long Sea Wind can accommodate a kilometre of trucks. The vessel makes two regular trips per day. Compared to the harbour located in Tallinn city centre, Muuga Harbour can be reached from the main road, including Via Baltica, much faster.  

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