St. Peter Line celebrated its 5th anniversary

“With St. Peter Line cruises we have offered Russian people the opportunity to visit the capital cities located by the Baltic Sea Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn for already five years,“ said Sergei Kotenev, the CEO of St. Peter Line. “On the other hand, our cruises give the opportunity also to foreign tourists to visit St. Petersburg visa free for 72 hours,“ added Kotenev. In the future, St. Peter Line aims to concentrate also on other markets beside Russia.

According to Sergei Kotenev St. Peter Line primarily sees the opportunity to increase the number of German and Austrian tourists. In cooperation with tourism authorities in St. Petersburg, Estonia, Sweden and Finland the ship operator’s additional future aims are directed towards attracting East Asian tourists.


The Chairman of Port of Tallinn Ain Kaljurand said that bearing in mind current tourists and potential ones it is port’s duty to continue developing the infrastructure.  “This year, a new ramp for servicing St. Peter Line ships will be finished. Within the Smart Port project a new solution for servicing tourists outside the Schengen area will be created,“ added Kaljurand.


St. Peter Line, the largest ferry operator in Russia, celebrated its 5th anniversary on March 21, the first ship line between St. Petersburg and Helsinki was established in 2010. The regular shipping connection between Tallinn and St. Petersburg was established in 2011.


During the last five years St. Peter Line passenger ships have carried tourists from more than 140 different countries. Last year 150 201 passengers visited Tallinn with St. Peter Line ships.


St. Peter Line is operating two ships. „Princess Anastasia“ sails the line Tallinn – St. Petersburg – Helsinki – Stockholm – Tallinn and „Princess Maria“ sails the line Helsinki – St. Petersburg – Helsinki. The tourists who arrive to St. Petersburg with St. Peter Line cruises are allowed to enjoy a 72-hour visa-free stay in Russia.

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