Sustinere survey of the most influential companies in Estonia: the annual report of Port of Tallinn shows openness and transparency

The consultancy Sustinere conducted a survey analysing openness and transparency of one hundred most influential Estonian companies on the basis of their annual reports. The survey showed that Port of Tallinn is among the top 14 companies, whose report stood out with openness and transparency in reflecting management principles and social responsibility.

According to Marko Siller, partner at Sustinere, the aim of the survey was to get an overview of the trends of Estonian companies on reflecting social responsibility in the annual reports. “The survey showed that 14 out of 100 companies report social responsibility at a very good level and serve as an example for others, including Port of Tallinn.  63 companies basically do not do it at all, and the rest report to some extent. Listed companies, state-owned enterprises and consumer brands are more open as in addition to descriptive texts, they include in the annual report also relevant confirmatory data when talking about social impacts,” described Siller.

"In the future, we recommend adding into annual reports more information about the governance culture, data protection, ethics and equal treatment. In this regard, Estonian companies should follow the lead of their northern neighbours. Descriptions about management practices should also include the most important aspects of social and environmental impacts caused by companies’ activities. 

To find the most influential Estonian companies for the survey, the top 100 companies with the highest revenue in 2017 and the top 100 companies with the biggest number of employees were merged, assuming that the bigger the amount of employees and products and services sold, the bigger the impact and responsibility of the company.

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