Tallink Group and Port of Tallinn to give away free travel vouchers to passengers who get vaccinated on board Tallink vessels in July and August

Tallink Group and the Port of Tallinn have teamed up to help speed up and support the vaccination drive in Estonia and will be giving away free travel vouchers to passengers who get vaccinated on board Tallink vessels Star and Megastar between 29 July and 15 August.  The voucher will enable every passenger who gets vaccinated against coronavirus on board during the said period to enjoy one free 5-hour mini cruise on the Tallinn-Helsinki route before 30 December 2021.

Vaccination on Tallink’s shuttle vessels Star and Megastar between 29 July and 15 August will be carried out by medical company Eldred OÜ and their qualified medical personnel. The vaccines used are the single-dose Janssen and the two-dose Pfizer, which means that also families with children over the age of 12 are welcome to come and get vaccinated.

The free vaccinations are available to all Estonian citizens and residents only as the vaccines used on board during this period have been supplied from the Estonian national vaccine supply.

Vaccinations on board will be carried out in accordance with all the nationally set rules and will be available on the following departures of Star and Megastar:


Tallinn-Helsinki 07:30
Helsinki-Tallinn 10:30
Tallinn-Helsinki 13:30
Helsinki-Tallinn 16:30
Tallinn-Helsinki 19:30
Helsinki-Tallinn 22:30


Tallinn-Helsinki 10:30
Helsinki-Tallinn 13:30
Tallinn-Helsinki 16:30
Helsinki-Tallinn 19:30

„The solution to this pandemic is vaccination. Tallink has wanted to and done its best to help speed along the vaccination drive in Estonia already since spring and has helped provide greater protection against the virus to nearly 1000 Estonian citizens and residents through two short-term vaccination pilots on board in June and July.  Also, our maritime workers in Estonia, out of whom 84% have already been vaccinated to date, are a great example to us all and help us ensure that we continue to offer the safest service possible. We want to help our country avoid going into a third wave of the pandemic by continuing to offer vaccination opportunities on board and this time will also say thank you to everyone who gets vaccinated with a little thank you in the form of a free mini cruise from us and our good partners, Port of Tallinn,“  Paavo Nõgene, CEO of Tallink Grupp said.

„Getting vaccinated against coronavirus must be made as easy and accessible as possible for people.  Our joint initiative with Tallink has been inspired exactly by this goal. Getting vaccinated on board enables people to combine doing something that is enjoyable with something that is necessary. I hope that people will take this opportunity to get vaccinated on the vessels and together we can protect more people against the virus in Estonia and help ensure that we can return life to normal in our country as soon as possible,“ Valdo Kalm, CEO of the Port of Tallinn  added.

Vaccination appointments for Star and Megastar can be booked from Thursday, 22 July 2021 at  www.tallink.ee/vaktsineeri . Depending on availability of appointments, it will also be possible to get vaccinated on board without prior booking.

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