The Baltic Ports Organisation General Assembly and international conference was held in Tallinn

On 9-10 September, the annual general assembly of the Baltic Ports Organisation (BPO) was held in Tallinn and together with it a high level international conference on Baltic-Asia Transit & Port sector in change.

The conference addressed the prospects and development potential of the trade between the Baltic region and Asia and the current economic state of Baltic ports and harbours as well as how to cope with the post-financial crisis changes and challenges.

The conference had over 100 participants, presentations and speeches were, among others, delivered by Juhan Parts, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communication of the Republic of Estonia, Mr. Azat Bekturov, the Deputy Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Henrik Hololei, the Head of Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Transport, Mr. Allan Kiil, a Member of the Management Board of the Port of Tallinn, Mr. Hardo Pajula, a Financial Analyst of SEB, Mr. Erik Ringmaa, the Chief Commercial Officer of the Port of Tallinn, Mr. Kaido Simmermann, the Chairman of the Management Board of Estonian Railways, and many others.

According to Allan Kiil, the conference, figuratively speaking, brought the debate on one of the currently hottest topics in the transport sector straight to our doorstep to be addressed by various specialists from the Baltic region and farther away.

The Baltic Ports Organisation (BPO) was formed in Copenhagen in 1991. The unites the ports in Baltic region, promoting the development of the Baltic region into an attractive and efficient logistic centre in the service of the neighbouring markets. At present, the organisation unites 49 ports.

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