The number of passengers of Port of Tallinn hit a record of 9.79 million people

Last year the number of passengers passing through the harbours of Port of Tallinn hit the whole time record of 9.79 million passengers, growing by 2.3 percent compared to 2014. 


According to Sirle Arro, Port of Tallinn’s Head of Marketing and Communication, the number of passengers passing through the harbours of Port of Tallinn has been continuously increasing for the past eight years hitting a record every following year. “We just finished a record breaking year serving a total of 9,793,049 passengers. In 2015 we also hit a record of passengers passing through the harbour in one day – on 16th of July 51,714 passengers were served in Tallinn’s Old City Harbour.“


The most popular route in 2015 was indisputably the Tallinn-Helsinki line with 8.21 million annual passengers comprising 84 percent of the total passenger number and increasing by 2.8 percent compared to 2014. During the period from January to December 948,951 people travelled between Tallinn and Stockholm, St. Petersburg line carried 124,639 people and cruise vessels brought to Estonia more than 504 thousand cruise tourists. The number of cruise passengers grew by 3.6 percent.


From ferry companies Tallink served most passengers, a total of 5.71 million people and 58 percent of all the passengers. This was followed by Viking Line serving 2 million (21 percent), Eckerö Line serving 1.45 million (15 percent) and St. Peterline serving 124 thousand (1 percent) people.


With 1.83 million passengers the most popular ferry in 2015 was Viking Line’s Viking XPRS, which sails between Tallinn and Helsinki. Other popular ferries were Tallink’s Star and Superstar with annual passenger number of 1.797 and 1.768 million people respectively.


In December 2015 Port of Tallinn served 768,858 passengers which is 7.1 percent more than in the same month a year earlier. Of these passengers Tallink served 61 percent, Viking Line 22 percent, Eckerö Line 16 percent and St. Peterline one percent.


In December, the harbours of Port of Tallinn were visited by passenger vessels 410 times; the total annual number was 5,397.


For 2016 Port of Tallinn forecasts the passenger number to grow up to 9.95 million. 

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