The Old City Marina received over 1,600 foreign pleasure crafts during its first season

During the summer of 2010, more than 1,600 pleasure crafts from 15 countries moored at the Old City Marina, a new yacht harbour that was opened last spring in the Admiralty Basin in the Tallinn city centre. For a brand new yacht harbour it can be deemed a substantial figure – in addition to the visiting crafts, the Old City Marina has become the home port for a large number of local boat owners.

In addition to the pleasure crafts originating from the northern shores of the Gulf of Finland, the visitors hailed from the Virgin Islands, France, Great Britain, and even the United States.
The Port of Tallinn opened the Old City Marina on 21 May this year concurrently with the Tallinn Yacht Club opening their 100th season in the premises.

In October 2010, Tallinn City Enterprise Department nominated the Old City Marina the Tourism Deed of the Year 2010.

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