The Port Community’s Internal Regulations, i.e. the Port of Tallinn’s Expectations for its Partners

The Port of Tallinn is consistently contributing to its business and development activities to lessen the negative effect of port activities on the environment. We want to sustainably work and develop together with our partners now and in the future, and to ensure that the Port’s visitors are provided with polite and hospitable service. To reach this goal, we take into account feedback and observations from our customers and see the Port of Tallinn and the companies operating in the port area as a single community. We expect all the parties to contribute and find it important to adhere to the following principles in our operation:

Expectations for sustainable development and environmental protection:

  • we have an environmental management system that complies with the requirements and also expect our partners to apply an environmental management system or identify and keep under control the environmental aspects accompanying their operation;
  • we choose our cooperation partners responsibly;
  • we prefer environmentally friendly products and services;
  • we use (natural) resources (including electricity, water) sparingly;
  • we ensure that waste is collected separately and introduce the generated waste into the circular economy;
  • we prefer means of transport and technology that are clean and less air polluting;
  • we minimise the idling of means of transport on the port territory to reduce air pollution and noise.

Expectations for service and hospitality:

  • we are respectful, helpful, and friendly to our guests, we show the guests to the person who can help them or call help if needed;
  • we keep our workplace clean and ensure a neat and tidy public space on the port territory (including the constructions site) and in the waters;
  • we only smoke at places reserved for this purpose and only leave the cigarette butts in the garbage cans reserved for this purpose.

Further expectations for the providers of services to the port guests on the port area:

  • we wear the employer’s work clothes or uniforms and have a neat appearance;
  • we perform our duties responsibly, we engage in unrelated activities (smart devices, chatting, eating) during our breaks;
  • when performing our duties, in addition to Estonian, we can communicate with the port guests in English, preferably also in Russian, Finnish, and/or Swedish.

Expectations for safety and security:

  • we follow the safety measures imposed for health;
  • we stay home if we have any symptoms;
  • we ensure the availability of the applicable safety information in gathering places;
  • we follow the traffic and parking organisation and are especially careful about pedestrians when using a motor vehicle in the immediate vicinity of the passenger terminals.