The Port of Tallinn and Uzbekistani transportation company UZVNESHTRANS signed the memorandum of joint intent

During the Estonian Premier’s visit to Uzbekistan, the Port of Tallinn and the Uzbekistani national foreign trade and Transportation Company UZVNESHTRANS signed a memorandum of joint intent in Tashkent on 02 November 2010.

Pursuant the memorandum, the companies agreed to develop advanced cooperation in promoting the trade between Estonia and Uzbekistan and to further explore the opportunities for the transit of Uzbekistani goods via Estonia and the Port of Tallinn. In addition, the parties agreed to perform extended analyses of the availabilities for the storage of or generating added value for the Uzbekistani goods in the industrial parks of the Port of Tallinn.

The main aspiration of the Uzbekistani side is predominantly to find the most efficient transport corridor available to access the markets of European Union and farther. The relevant opportunities available through the Port of Tallinn and Estonia generated great interest in Uzbekistan and pursuant to the signed memorandum both parties will continue working in order to provide definite solutions.

According to Mr. Ain Kaljurand, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Port of Tallinn, the topics of trade and transit in relation to Uzbekistan have a large potential as in that context Estonia can be deemed as an excellent channel for Uzbekistan in order to reach the target markets. "For example, already today a regular shuttle container train is servicing the route from Tallinn through Uzbekistan to Afghanistan and back, which could be put into much efficient use in regards of the export and import of the Uzbekistani container goods," Kaljurand explained.

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