The Port of Tallinn has signed a contract for the construction of new ferries

The Port of Tallinn has signed contracts with Remontowa Shipbuilding and Sefine Shipyard shipbuilding facilities for the construction of four new car-passenger ferry boats to be used on the lines between the mainland and major Estonian islands; two ferries are to be built by each shipbuilding facility. 

The four new ferry boats will be constructed in the shipbuilding yards located in Gdánsk, Poland, and Altinova, Turkey. The ferries are to be 114 meters in length and to accommodate 150 cars or ten road trains. The ferries will have 600 passenger seats equipped with life-saving devices. The new ferry boats will be designed by the Norwegian company LMG Marin.


“The concluded contracts provide assurance to Estonian people that high-quality connection on the lines between the mainland and the islands by means of the new ferries conforming to contemporary requirements will be guaranteed starting with the autumn of 2016,” said Mr. Remo Holsmer, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Tallinna Sadam.


All the four diesel engine ferries have been designed so that the main engines of the ships can in the future be replaced for engines running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) provided that the necessary infrastructure is in place.  


According to Holsmer, before the contracts were concluded, the representatives of Tallinna Sadam and the LMG Marin engineering company introduced the design and technical parameters of the ferries to AS Saarte Liinid, the administrator of Kuivastu, Rohuküla, Virtsu and Heltermaa harbors. The company confirmed that the ships were suitable for operation in the existing infrastructure and no additional investments would be necessary for their servicing in the harbors.


"We are pleased to enter into the partnership with the Port of Tallinn for delivering the two car-passenger ferries in 2016," said Mr. Jan Paszkowski, Member of the Management Board of Remontowa Shipbuilding. “In recent years, there has been a continuous demand for similar vessels, especially in Northern European seas, and we are looking forward to committing our expertise in this field to the ferries designed for Estonian waters.”


The General Coordinator of Sefine Shipyard, Mr. Akin Tuzcuoglu, expressed pleasure in entering into partnership with the Port of Tallinn for delivering the two car-passenger ferries. "We look forward to continuing our previous cooperation with LMG Marin from building four comparable vessels for a Norwegian operator to building the two ferries for the Port of Tallinn, to be delivered in 2016," said Mr. Tuzcuoglu. 


Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. is a shipbuilding facility located in Gdánsk, Poland, established in 1945. The company belongs to Remontowa Group which consolidates over 20 shipping enterprises.

Sefine Maritime Shipyard Co is a shipbuilding yard established in Altinova near Istanbul in 2005 and belonging to Kolin Group, a leading corporation consolidating enterprises that operate in the sectors of production, construction, shipbuilding and tourism.


Remontowa and Sefine shipbuilding facilities focus on the construction of ferry boats, cargo ships, offshore vessels, and vessels performing a variety of border-guarding and navy functions.


The designer of the ferries, Lund, Mohr & Giæver-Enger Marin AS, is a naval architect and maritime engineering company with its headquarters in Bergen, Norway, established in 1943. The enterprise offers engineering solutions for ferries, cargo fleets and tankers, offshore vessels for adverse weather conditions and vessels performing a variety of navy functions.


Additional information:

Mr. Remo Holsmer, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Tallinna Sadam, phone: +372 50 33 673, [email protected]

Ms. Sirle Arro, head of Marketing and Communication Department of AS Tallinna Sadam, phone: +372 6 318 068; e-mail: [email protected]

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