The Travel Library of the Year of Libraries was opened in the Terminal A

2022 is the Year of Libraries in Estonia and it is the best time for shifting the concept and borders of a library. That is why the Port of Tallinn can now boast a newly established Travel Library. Minister of Culture Piret Hartman, Director of the Estonian National Library Janne Andresoo and Head of the Marketing and Communication Department of Tallinn Port Sirle Arro made speeches at the ceremonial opening of the travel library.

Pick something to read to make your journey more enjoyable! This enables you to save both natural resources and the battery of your smart device, and also calm down your brain!

Until the end of 2022, the Travel Library offers you dozens of catching books to take along free. You do not have to return these books – but you can if your journey brings you back to Estonia. The books have been supplied by the Estonian Repository Library which stores literature worth reading, obtained from other Estonian libraries, institutions and private persons.

You are also very welcome to leave your own books in the shelves of the Travel Library at the Port of Tallinn!

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