Traveling exhibition „On the Gulf of Finland“ moved to A-terminal of Old City Harbour

Starting from September 9th until the end of November Estonian Natural History Museum’s exhibition „On the Gulf of Finland“ is opened in A-terminal of Old City Harbour. The exhibition that is dedicated to the Gulf of Finland year 2014 is located in one of the two main passenger terminals and is open to everybody.  

The exhibition gives an overview of Gulf of Finland’s environmental condition in the past and nowadays, of its cultural story and living environment. The display introduces its uniqueness and vulnerability, including foreign species, eutrophication and sea transport.

According to Sirle Arro, the Head of Port of Tallinn’s Marketing and Communication Department, preserving the healthy living environment in Gulf of Finland is regarding guaranteeing sustainability of activities in the region very important for the port. “We believe that raising awareness about the situation of Gulf of Finland helps to improve the environmental condition and we also hope that seeing the exhibition in the harbour right beside the sea makes the experience more direct and memorable,” added Arro.

 „The exhibition at the A-terminal consists of posters in Estonian, English and Finnish that include different interesting information, starting from giving an overview of Gulf of Finland’s environmental condition up to its cultural story. In addition, it is also possible to see the fish that live in the creeks of Gulf of Finland in life-size replica. Gulf’s catchment area of the rivers is very rich, and therefore the brackish water biota is very characteristic to the area,” explained Lennart Lennuk, the Curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition was composed in cooperation with Estonian, Finnish and Russian environmental organizations and was opened in May in Estonia at the Estonian Museum of Natural History in Tallinn, but also in other cities like Tartu, Pärnu and Narva. The compilation of the exhibition has been supported by the Estonian Environmental Investment Centre.

The year 2014 is dedicated to Gulf of Finland in order to unite respective experts, decision-makers and citizens in Estonia, Finland and Russia to engage in cooperation for improving the condition of the gulf.

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