Unique paperless logistical system showcased at Muuga Harbour

A trial paperless logistical platform has been showcased at Muuga Harbour. This solution enables monitoring in real time of loading, customs processing and pre-shipment of export containers. This globally unique system substantially reduces paper consumption and bureaucracy while accelerating all the processes.

Valdo Kalm, Chairman of the Management Board of Port of Tallinn, explained that the new technology minimises time consumption both for passengers and cargo companies, reduces traffic loads, eliminates cumbersome bureaucracy from logistics and excludes multiple data duplications.

“This is essentially the logistical counterpart of the national information systems’ data exchange layer, called X-Road. Today the urgent information about shifting goods between terminals and railway car movements is still frequently communicated by phone or e-mail, duplicating the already existing data,” noted Kalm. “The new platform excludes recurrent data entries, with the information systems exchanging all data independently and directly”.

The platform is blockchain-reliant, meaning that all the necessary data are situated simultaneously in several computer systems in encrypted form so that they are only discernible to the initial data owners and creators. This is also the principle on which virtual currencies are based.

There are currently only two large-scale blockchain logistical platform development projects being implemented in the whole world. One of those is the Finnish-Swedish-Estonian-Latvian cooperation project called SmartLog, which has been showcased in Muuga.

SmartLog, an Interreg Central Baltic project financed by the European Regional Development Fund with a budget of 2.4 million euros and lasting 3 years, has Kouvola Innovation OY (Finland) as the leading partner.

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