Port of Tallinn’s year in review: achievements and important events

See a summary of the significant achievements and important events of the Port of Tallinn Group of 2021.


Increase in cargo volume
In 2021, 22.4 million tonnes of cargo and 3.5 million passengers passed through the harbours of Port of Tallinn. The annual increase in cargo volume was 5%, which was driven by ro-ro and dry bulk. The number of passengers decreased by 18% as a result of the pandemic, while the number of vessel calls increased by 4% due to the continuation of cargo transportation on the international passenger lines.

Reopening of the Tallinn-Stockholm route
The Covid-19 crisis that began in 2020 closed many connections with Tallinn, including daily cruises to Stockholm. However, the summer of 2021 brought relief to the crisis, and at the beginning of July the Tallinn-Stockholm route was reopened. In six months, nearly 200,000 passengers have already travelled between the two capitals.

Restart of the cruise season
While in the summer of 2020 no cruise ships visited Tallinn due to the spread of the coronavirus, from July to October 2021, 45 cruise ships visited Tallinn. This is a sign that cruise tourism, one of the sectors most affected by the corona crisis, is gradually recovering.


Port of Tallinn paid dividens EUR 20.3 million to 18 000 shareholders
In 2021, the Port of Tallinn paid out a total of 20.3 million euros or 0.077 euros per share from its profit of 28.5 million euros. A total of 17,856 shareholders received dividends, which was almost 30 percent more than 3 years ago when the company was listed. The goal of Port of Tallinn as a listed company is to offer its shareholders a stable dividend income, and despite the difficult circumstances last year, mainly in the business of passenger ports, the dividend policy approved by the shareholders was met.

Katoen Natie, an anchor client of Muuga Industrial Park, invested in the expansion
The global logistics company Katoen Natie expanded its logistics center in the industrial park of Muuga Harbour, investing 10 million euros in the construction of a completed warehouse building to adjust to the increased business volumes. The 10,000-square-meter extension of the terminal located in the free trading zone of Muuga Harbour will increase the volume of goods handled, expand the range of logistics services and the customer portfolio.



Port of Tallinn opened multistory car park at Terminal D
In February, Port of Tallinn opened a new multistory car park with one underground and four above ground levels at the Old City Harbor in the immediate vicinity of Terminal D. Passengers can now enjoy convenient access straight from the car park to their ship and from their vessel to the parking structure. The car park is open for both passengers and those wishing to stay in a hotel in the area or visit businesses nearby. The newly finished multistory car park helps improve our passengers’ user experience and reduce the number of parking areas on harbour grounds.

Port of Tallinn opened a new cruise terminal and promenade
In July a new smart and green cruise terminal and a 850-meter-long rooftop promenade were opened in Tallinn. The Port of Tallinn took numerous steps during construction to ensure the environmental sustainability of the new terminal. Energy requirements come from solar panels tailored to suit the Nordic climate, and the facility is heated by sea power using a heat pump. These decisions allow the facility to also operate outside the cruise season – hosting events, concerts, and conferences. The new terminal makes the capital of Estonia and all the city has to offer more accessible – the aim is that all tourists leave with a safe and unforgettable travel experience and that cruise lines are able to reduce their environmental footprint by using environmentally friendly port facilities.

The nearly kilometer-long rooftop promenade, which connects the seafront with the Cultural Kilometer, has opened up the harbour area for the leisure time of citizens of Tallinn. The promenade has plenty of seating areas, an Ocean 11 restaurant, a children’s playground and exercise area.



Admiral Bridge
On August 24th, we opened a pedestrian bridge connecting the shore areas of Terminals A and D in the Old City Harbour. As a result of a name competition the bridge was named the Admiral Bridge. The new bridge makes the Old City Harbour area more open and welcoming to everyone. The Admiral Bridge, built across the canal of the Admiralty Basin, is a unique reversible bridge in Estonia.




Port of Tallinn consumes only green electricity produced in Estonia
Under an agreement signed in March, Eesti Energia will supply the Port of Tallinn with 10 GWh of renewable electricity for its own use in 2021. Thanks to this almost 7,000 tonnes of CO2 will be less emitted per year.

The Port of Tallinn has consistently invested in business and development activities to reduce the negative impact of its operations on the environment. Energy efficiency and greater use of renewable energy sources are important steps in reducing the port’s ecological footprint and achieving climate neutrality.

Five ships can use shore power in Old City Harbour
From July 1st 2021, Tallink Group’s passenger ships Silja Europa and Baltic Queen can use shore power while standing at the quay in Tallinn’s Old City Harbour. Previously, the shore power connection in Old City Harbour was established for Tallinn-Helsinki route ships, Viking XPRS and Victoria I. Thus, by the end of 2021, there were five ships connected to the shore power system while staying in the Old City Harbour. The usage of shore power in Old City Harbour is an important step towards more sustainable operations, which will ensure a cleaner living environment in Tallinn and reduce the noise generated by the ships’ machinery.

It is estimated that CO2 emissions from one shore power connected passenger ship will be reduced by approximately 100 tonnes per month.

In Tallinn Old City Harbour ships are now served by automated mooring equipment
Ships sailing on the Tallinn-Helsinki route are now using automooring equipment when arriving and leaving the Tallinn Old City Harbour. This helps to save time and protect the environment.

The new mooring systems were installed in the framework of TWIN-PORT 3 project and are being co-financed by the EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

Port of Tallinn and TS Laevad received the silver label of the Responsible Business Index
In 2021, the Port of Tallinn and TS Laevad once again participated in the Responsible Business Index questionnaire organized by the Responsible Business Forum in order to obtain an external assessment of the company’s socially responsible and sustainable activities. This year, activities were assessed in three categories: governance, climate and environment, and society and the social environment.

Both the Port of Tallinn and TS Laevad received a total of 69 points in the index questionnaire, ie both companies were missing only one point from the gold label. Very good results ensure that companies are on the right track in their development and activities.


The Port of Tallinn ranks high among the most reputable employers and large companies in Estonia
According to Kantar Emor’s annual employer reputation survey, Port of Tallinn continues to be an attractive employer. According to the employees who participated in the survey, Port of Tallinn ranked 6th among the most reputable employers after Eesti Energia, Tallinn Airport, Tallink, Skype and LHV Pank. According to a reputation survey of large companies conducted at the end of the year, Port of Tallinn ranks 13th, rising significantly compared to the previous year.



For Port of Tallinn, the year 2021 was full of recognitions.

  • Old City Harbour’s cruise terminal and promenade were recognized with the title “Tallinn Development Project 2021”
  • Port of Tallinn was ranked among the top ten most valuable companies in Estonia by Prudentia Advisory and Nasdaq Tallinn
  • The Admiral Bridge at Old City Harbour was chosen as the Facility of The Year 2021 at the annual conference of the construction sector “Construction 2022+: E-horizon”
  • Port of Tallinn was chosen as listed company with the best investor relations in the Baltics
  • The digital construction cluster recognized Port of Tallinn with the titles “Act of the Year” and “Organization of the Year”



Icebreaker Botnica’s successful summer in the Canadian Arctic
For the fourth summer in a row, Botnica worked for Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation, an iron ore mining company near the port of Milne Inlet.

The icebreaker Botnica will continue to provide icebreaking services to the Transport Administration for the next ten years
TS Shipping won a public tender organized by the Transport Administration for the provision of icebreaking services and navigation in the Gulf of Finland during the period 20.12.2022-20.04.2032. The icebreaking service in Estonian coastal waters is provided by the multifunctional icebreaker Botnica from December 20 to April 20, similarly to the previous 10-year charter agreement.



TS Laevad served 2,204,136 passengers and a record of 1,099,643 vehicles
In 2021, Port of Tallinn’s subsidiary TS Laevad served a total of 2,204,136 passengers and transported a record of 1,099,643 vehicles across the sea between the Estonia’s major islands and the mainland. That was 12% and 14% more, respectively, than a year earlier.


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