Port of Tallinn is looking for cooperation partners to develop the vacant areas in Muuga Harbour

Port of Tallinn has launched a search for new cooperation partners for the development of free areas located in the eastern part of Muuga Harbour. More than 7.6 ha of land is on offer.

Port of Tallinn is interested in the development of a multifunctional loading, handling and storage complex for environmentally friendly fuels and/or other production and logistics complex in the territory located in the eastern part of Muuga Harbour. 

The area to be developed is located in the eastern part of Muuga Harbour, outside the free zone of Muuga Harbour. According to the need and logistics, it is possible to use Muuga Harbour berth no. 33 (length 198 m, depth -10.8 m). The surface area of the existing site to be developed is 76 274 m2. The area can be expended by a maximum of 67 978 m2 at the expense of the sea.

The Detailed Spatial Plan establishes a building right for the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the plot Pos 1. If, for some reason, it is not possible or it is not necessary to build an LNG terminal, the plot planned for this purpose can be used as port land – as production land by building warehouses, production facilities, etc. on the plot. The area to be developed is designated with 4 positions.

Port of Tallinn expects the potential interested party to submit their development idea by May 31, 2024 at the latest, describing their vision of the use of the areas, cargo volumes, the size of the investment, the schedule, and the owners or investors of the project.

See more detailed information about the area and the competition: www.ts.ee/en/partners-to-develop-muuga-areas

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