Port of Tallinn’s achievements and influential events in 2023

Port of Tallinn served 8 million passengers and 13 million tons of cargo in 2023

8 million passengers and 13 million tons of cargo passed through the harbours of Port of Tallinn in 2023. For the year as a whole, the number of passengers increased by 13% or 800 thousand passengers. The volume of cargo fell by 29% or 5 million tons compared to the previous year, due to the imposition of sanctions on goods originating in Russia and Belarus and the general economic downturn. However, the number of ship visits was relatively stable, decreasing by only 1,5 % to 7026 visits. See the key indicators HERE.


We laid the cornerstone for a new quay in Paldiski South Harbour

We started with the construction of a new quay in Paldiski South Harbour. The new multifunctional quay will pave the way for the construction and subsequent maintenance of wind farms in the Baltic Sea and, in addition to increasing maritime transport capacity, will also serve a defence purpose. Specifically, a 310-metre quay with a 10-hectare rear area will be built in Paldiski South Port. The new quay will ensure the port’s capacity to accommodate specialised vessels with large draughts used for the construction of offshore wind farms and the transport of wind turbine components, as well as military transport. The large rear area allows for various preparatory activities for the manufacture and storage of generators and turbine blades as well as other components before they are loaded on vessels. Read more HERE.


We launched cooperation to create an Estonian-Finnish green corridor

The ports of Tallinn and Helsinki, in cooperation with the cities, ferry companies and the Ministry of Climate, signed a cooperation agreement to create a green corridor between Estonia and Finland.

The main objective of the FIN-EST Green Corridor is to accelerate the ongoing transition to climate-neutral customer journey and sustainable modes of transport for both passengers and cargo on the sea routes between Tallinn and Helsinki, and Muuga and Vuosaari. Read more HERE.


We carried out the architectural design competition for Terminal A

We carried out the architectural design competition for the Terminal A quarter. The objective of the architectural design competition was to find the best architectural concept regarding the building complex of the new  passenger terminal A of the Tallinn Old City Harbour, the new office building and multi-storey car park of the Port of Tallinn and the adjacent public urban space. The winning design was called ‘Vihur’ and was a joint project by the architects of the firms Molumba and Mareld. Read more HERE


We introduced a double ramp for ro-ro vessels in the port of Muuga

A new double ramp for ro-ro vessels was introduced at the HHLA TK Estonia terminal in Muuga Harbour, which is used by the Eckerö Line vessel MS Finbo Cargo; with the introduction of the double ramp, larger volumes of trade between Estonia and Finland can be diverted out of the Old City Harbour in Tallinn City Centre. Read more HERE.


New warehouse complex opened in Muuga Harbour

Terminal operator PK Terminal OÜ, which operates in Muuga Harbour, signed a long-term contract with fertiliser manufacturer Yara for the handling and storage of safe fertilisers. For this purpose, a new 9,500 m2 complex warehouse was built in Muuga Harbour. Read more HERE.


Port of Tallinn to operate LNG quay at Pakrineeme Harbour

Foto: AlexelaPort of Tallinn signed a contract with AS Eesti Varude Keskus for the provision of port services in Pakrineeme Harbour. Port of Tallinn will ensure the readiness to receive ships at the LNG quay and will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the infrastructure of Pakrineeme Harbour, the management of vessel traffic and, if necessary, the workforce for pollution response. Read more HERE.

We established the Hydrogen Valley Estonia to boost the development of the hydrogen economy

Port of Tallinn is a founding member of Hydrogen Valley Estonia. Alexela, Eesti Energia, Port of Tallinn, the University of Tartu and the Estonian Association of Hydrogen Technologies established the Hydrogen Valley Estonia to accelerate the vigorous and diverse development of the hydrogen sector and formally establish the world’s first nationwide hydrogen valley. Read more HERE.


Transport sector Green Forum brings together the sector’s green transition leaders

The transport sector’s Green Forum was held at the cruise terminal of the Old City Harbour on 4 May, which this time focused on sustainable construction and development, or how the transport gates of Estonia could become green and set an example for other sectors. Read more HERE.


Large-scale joint exercise CREVEX held at Muuga Harbour

CREVEX 2023, the largest crisis exercise in Estonian history, took place in Muuga Harbour and the surrounding area on 28 & 29 September, involving the cargo terminals of both the Port of Tallinn and Muuga Harbour. Nationwide emergency response and mutual cooperation were practised.


Paldiski South Harbour turns 30

Paldiski South Harbour, owned by the Port of Tallinn, has a successful history and has been an important contributor to Estonian trade for the last 30 years. The turnover of Paldiski South Harbour is about 4.5 million tons of goods per year. The main activity of the regional port with a great potential is the handling of Estonian export and import goods, as well as transit goods.


We described the key ethical principles in the Code of Ethics

As a responsible company, we expect all employees, customers and partners of the Port of Tallinn Group to behave in accordance with high ethical standards, business integrity and legislation. We set out the key ethical principles and expectations in the Code of Conduct. We also launched a whistleblowing hotline for reporting professional misconduct. Read the Code of Ethics HERE.

Recognitions for the Port of Tallinn:

Port of Tallinn was awarded the Gold Label of the Responsible Business Forum!

We participated in the Responsible Business Index questionnaire organised by the Forum for Responsible Business to once again get an external assessment of our company’s socially responsible and sustainable practices. Read more HERE.


The Cruise Terminal of the Old City Harbour received the Green Key international environmental label

The Green Key environmental label was issued to the cruise terminal of Tallinn Old City Harbour, which confirms to cruise passengers as well as to the guests and partners of the events held at the cruise terminal that we operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Read more HERE.


Ringing the Nasdaq exchange bell

The Port of Tallinn won the Company with Best Investor Relations award in 2021, but was unable to go to the US due to the travel restrictions related to the pandemic. This year, the port was given the opportunity to attend the ceremony at the Nasdaq MarketSitel in New York’s Times Square and ring the stock exchange bell. Read more HERE.


Port of Tallinn is TOP3 Tourism Promoter of the Year

The Port of Tallinn was among the three nominees in the Tourism Promoter of the Year category of the Entrepreneurship Award competition organised by Enterprise Estonia and Kredex. In the case of the Port of Tallinn, the jury of the Tourism Promoter 2023 competition appreciated the fact that the modern and versatile cruise terminal and promenade at the Old City Harbour is an attractive sea gateway for visitors to Tallinn and opens up the seafront for leisure activities for the people of the city.

Port of Tallinn wins Best Smart Port award

The Port of Tallinn has won the Best Smart Port award at the Global Smart Ports Summit 2023 in Hamburg. The Best Smart Port award recognises a port that has shown leadership in adopting innovative and smart technologies and solutions to make its operations more efficient.

Actions and key events of subsidiaries in 2023:

TS Shipping carried out additional summer work and the crew of the icebreaker Botnica gained new experience

In summer 2023, TS Shipping provided a number of additional services with the multifunctional icebreaker Botnica. In June, the Botnica provided offshore wind farm support services to Equinor UK LTD in the UK, which was an important experience as a service vessel for offshore wind farms. In August, it cooperated with the British Petroleum Exploration Operating Company Ltd. The Botnica operated as a service vessel to support BP’s operations on the Mungo platform, located in the UK sector of the North Sea. From September to November, cooperation continued with Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation to assist Panamax cargo vessels in the export of iron ore from the port of Milne Inlet to the high seas in the Arctic waters of Northern Canada. According to the contract with the Transport Administration, the Botnica will provide icebreaking services in Estonian coastal waters from 20 December to 20 April.


Record numbers of passengers and vehicles travelled with TS Laevad

In 2023, TS Laevad served a record number of passengers – 2.411 million – and a record number of vehicles – 1.133 million – on the Virtsu-Kuivastu and Rohuküla-Heltermaa routes, and made a record number of regular crossings – 22,972. Also, customer satisfaction in 2023 is at an all-time high of 77.9%. As a company that cares about the environment, TS Laevad also achieved the lowest CO2 emissions per regular crossing of all times.


The 15 millionth passenger travelled with TS Laevad in 2023

The 15 millionth passenger of the seven years of operation of TS Laevad travelled on board the ferry Tiiu on 17 July 2023. Passenger numbers increased steadily throughout 2023.


TS Laevad awarded the Gold Label of the Estonian Responsible Business Index


TS Laevad participated in the Estonian Responsible Business Index for the first time in 2019 and was recognised with the Bronze Label. The silver level was achieved in 2021 and the Gold Label in 2023, which is a great recognition and confirmation that TS Laevad is excelling in environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions.


More efficient licence plate detection cameras

TS Laevad replaced the server-based licence plate recognition cameras in the ports of Virtsu, Kuivastu, Heltermaa and Rohuküla with cameras using a new technology, which means that the number of automatically detected vehicles is even higher and entering the port area with an e-ticket is even more convenient.
With this innovation, TS Laevad contributes to technological innovation, thereby significantly improving the passenger experience and enhancing logistical efficiency in ports.


Green Marine signed a contract with the State Navy

At the end of last year, Green Marine and the State Navy signed an employment contract. Sustainability and environmental protection are important for both parties. Green Marine accepts all liquid oily mixed waste generated by the State Navy in Hundipea and Rohuneeme harbours, as well as other hazardous waste.


Green Marine was recognized as the best bidder in the tender of the National Defense Investment Center

The purpose of the public procurement is the provision of waste management services for the Defense Forces and the Defense League within Estonia within 4 years. Units located in Harjumaa, Lääne-Virumaa, Võrumaa, Hiiumaa, Raplamaa and Saaremaa are served. In addition, waste management services for Defense Forces and international exercises during the contract period.

We thank all our employees, customers and partners for a busy year!

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